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Roster Announcement

Eugene Ballet is officially back in the studio and rehearsing for the first performance of our 41st season, Swan Lake. This mesmerizing ballet is considered the greatest classical ballets of all time and, for the first time in Eugene Ballet history, we’ll be performing this timeless piece to live music by Orchestra Next!

Swan Lake is just the beginning of an exciting season featuring alluring choreography and innovative collaborations. Audiences can expect to see many familiar faces onstage, and we we’re taking this opportunity to provide updates and announcements to our dancer roster.

Principal Dancer Promotion:

Reed Souther, Company Dancer for nine seasons, has been promoted to Principal Dancer. Reed has performed many Principal and Soloist roles such as Romeo in Toni Pimble’s Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet in Stephen Mills’ Hamlet. Reed is from nearby Corvallis, OR, and performed in Eugene Ballet’s The Nutcracker when he was 14.

“Since joining Eugene Ballet in 2010 as a young dancer, Reed Souther has grown into a mature dancer exhibiting strong, dramatic interpretations and sensitive partnering skills. Last season, Reed excelled in the principal roles of Stephen Mills’ Hamlet and my Romeo and Juliet, earning the hard earned position of principal dancer with Eugene Ballet. Congratulations Reed!” —Toni Pimble, Eugene Ballet Artistic Director

Read Reed’s full bio here.

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New Company Dancers:

Hayley Tavonatti joined Eugene Ballet’s Aspirant Program in 2017 and has since danced in several performances including  Pink Martini, Gerald Arpino’s Italian Suite, and The Firebird. She joins Eugene Ballet’s roster as a Company Dancer for the 2019–2020 season.

“I’ve been dancing ever since I could walk, but when I decided to train in ballet more seriously I moved to New York City to study fulltime under Gelsey Kirkland at her academy. Working with Gelsey so closely for four years is what really pushed my dancing to the next level,” Hayley notes.

“I am very much looking forward to dancing this season with Eugene Ballet. We have such a strong set of programs ahead of us and I’m eager to be inspired and challenged both artistically and physically by all the artists that are a part of this company.”

Read Haley’s full bio here.

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Joshua Downard joined Eugene Ballet’s aspirant program in 2017 and performed in Toni Pimble’s Mowgli – The Jungle Book Ballet and Peer Gynt. Joshua will round out our male corps for the 2019–2020 season.

“Being promoted into the corps is a very big blessing. This company has pushed me and helped me to grow very much over the last two seasons as an aspirant. I am very thankful that they have decided to keep me around and I am so excited for my future with the Eugene Ballet.”

Read Joshua’s full bio here.

Follow Joshua on Instagram: @josh.downard

New Aspirant Dancers:

Eugene Ballet is welcoming three new Aspirant Dancers to the roster for the 41st season.

Alexandra Carey began training at age six at Laguna Dance Theatre in Mission Viejo, CA. Since then she has trained at San Francisco Ballet School and was a trainee at Los Angeles Ballet.

“I’m so grateful to Eugene Ballet for giving me my first professional contract. It’s so inspiring to be around such talented artists all the time.”

Read Alexandra’s full bio here.

Follow Alexandra on Instagram: @alexxandra.carey

Tessa Castellano began dancing at the age of three and trained with the Atlanta Ballet. Most recently Tessa danced for The Georgia Ballet where she performed several roles and choreographed on company members.

“I have thoroughly been enjoying my time as an Aspirant. I feel as though I am a big part of the productions we are putting together, and Toni is wonderful at giving us all opportunities to dance.”

Read Tessa’s full bio here.

Follow Tessa on Instagram: @tmcdance17

Our final new aspirant Macie Rowe has trained at several schools in the western United States including Houston Ballet and the School of Ballet Arizona.

“Joining Eugene Ballet as an Aspirant has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and that I get to dance with amazing artists every day. This company works extremely well together and it is rewarding to see what is created when we all work hard to create something beautiful. I’ve only been here for one month but I know it is going to be an incredible season!”

Read Macie’s full bio here.

Follow Macie on Instagram: @macie_jordan_

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