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Join the Pointe Shoe Patron Program and Support Our Dancers!


Welcome to Eugene Ballet’s Pointe Shoe Patron Program! This unique initiative invites you to play a pivotal role in the success of our dancers by helping to cover the cost of one of their most essential tools: pointe shoes.

The Importance of Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes are more than just a part of a dancer’s costume; they are vital instruments that enable dancers to perform the stunning choreography that captivates our audience. Designed to support dancers as they perform en pointe, these shoes allow for the beautiful, ethereal movements that define ballet. Each pair is meticulously crafted to provide the necessary support and flexibility, ensuring our dancers can achieve their best performance safely and gracefully.

The Cost of Pointe Shoes

A single pair of pointe shoes costs an average of $100 and some dancers can go through a single pair in one week, making the cost a significant part of our operational budget. Your contribution makes a direct and meaningful impact for our artists.

A Brief History of Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes have a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. The first ballerina credited with dancing en pointe was Marie Taglioni in 1832, during a performance of La Sylphide. These early shoes were simple satin slippers, slightly reinforced. Over the years, pointe shoes have evolved to include a box and shank, providing the structure needed. Today, pointe shoes are a symbol of dedication, strength, and the artistry of ballet.

Join us in ensuring that our dancers continue to soar. Become a Pointe Shoe Patron today and be a part of the magic of ballet!

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