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Eugene Ballet Featured in Tracy Bonham’s Inspiring New Music Video

An article published in People Magazine has brought national attention to the inspiring journey of acclaimed musician Tracy Bonham, and Eugene Ballet is honored to be part of her story. The article, “How Tracy Bonham’s Divorce and Breast Cancer Diagnosis Became an ‘Opportunity to Turn Inward’: ‘It’s a Gift,'” delves deep into Bonham’s personal struggles and triumphs, highlighting her diagnosis, treatment, and emotional healing.

The “Whether You Fall” music video is a collaboration between Tracy Bonham and Eugene Ballet, beautifully choreographed by our very own Suzanne Haag. The choreography captures the essence of Bonham’s journey and the strength found in vulnerability, creating a deeply moving visual and auditory experience.

Suzanne Haag reflected on the collaboration, saying, “Collaborating on a ballet with Tracy Bonham was an absolute career highlight for me as a choreographer and a magical experience for all of us at Eugene Ballet. Tracy’s music is vulnerable, open, and honest. Her resilience through challenges gives her music that relatable voice, that message that says, ‘this is hard but still beautiful.'”

Fans of Suzanne Haag’s work know her for her distinct style and exceptional ability to convey deep and nuanced emotions through dance. This unique approach is vividly demonstrated in the “Whether You Fall” music video, where her choreography powerfully brings to life Bonham’s story.

The music video showcases a poignant performance by Eugene Ballet, symbolizing the resolve and determination that Bonham has needed to navigate her health and personal setbacks. The performance took place only four weeks after her surgery, emphasizing her dedication and resilience.

Tracy Bonham will officially release “Whether You Fall” as her next single on June 21. Additional information on upcoming shows can be found on her official website:

We invite you to watch the video and read the full article on People Magazine’s website. Tracy Bonham’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit, and we are honored to have played a part in sharing her journey through the art of dance.

Read the full article here: People Magazine – Tracy Bonham’s Journey.

Written by Michelle Ferguson
Images by Katie Patrick and Ellen Poulsen

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