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Celebrating Eugene Ballet Academy Graduates

Last weekend, at our 2024 Spring Show our graduating Seniors graced the stage for their final performance with Eugene Ballet Academy (EBA). This year, we honor eight exceptional graduates who have immersed themselves in the world of dance, emerging as passionate, dedicated, and mature young adults. We are confident that their discipline, creativity, and positive attitudes will propel them to great heights in their future endeavors. We celebrate the journey and accomplishments of our 2024 Seniors, knowing that their hard work and perseverance have prepared them well for whatever lies ahead.

Abigail Lee

Abigail Lee has been with EBA for around 10 years and has been a member of the Eugene Ballet Touring team for 4 years. Among her personal highlights are the years she performed with the Eugene Ballet Company’s Nutcracker and the experiences traveling with her team for competitions and conventions.

Graduating from Sheldon High School as an Honors and AP student, Abigail has demonstrated exceptional leadership. She has served as the executive vice president of the school leadership, co-president of the Asian Student Union, former vice president of the Key Club, and publicity manager of the National Honors Society. Her hard work has earned her the Joe McCall and Presidential scholarships at Oregon State University.

With these scholarships, Abigail will be attending Oregon State University on a full ride, majoring in Kinesiology. In the fall, she will also join the Oregon State Beaver cheer and dance team.

Hana Luebke 

Hana Luebke graduates from South Eugene High School this year, after a two-year journey with EBA. Beyond her time at EBA, Hana has embraced various roles such as mentoring and teaching. Her experiences include teaching and performing with a ballet academy in Japan, founding a mentorship program at OBA, and dancing at the Joffrey summer intensive.

During her years at EBA, she has performed iconic roles such as Black Swan, Sugar Plum, and Kitri. Hana has earned the prestigious Summit Scholarship to the University of Oregon, where she plans to take online classes while joining the Aspirant Program with EBC.

Roxy Plummer

Roxy Plummer has danced at EBA for three years, during which she has taken on mentoring roles, including teaching Pre-Ballet 1 and assisting with summer camps alongside Faolan Adams. Roxy has enjoyed performing “Once Upon Another Time” and “It’s My Party” with the EBY competition team, participating in her first dance convention, and the tradition of being assigned a buddy each competition season. She also had the unique opportunity to take company class alongside the Eugene Ballet Company.

Roxy will be graduating from Henry D. Sheldon High School and has been awarded the University of Oregon Merit Scholarship and the Cornish College of the Arts Scholarship. She plans to take a gap year to pursue ballet, potentially at The Rock School on the east coast or at another prestigious institution.

Onyn Season

Onyn has danced with EBA for the last nine years, ever since starting the dance journey. The immense support and kindness from peers and faculty members have been a personal highlight, and Onyn couldn’t thank everyone enough for being there throughout the time at EBA.

Graduating from South Eugene High School, Onyn plans to embark on a new adventure in the real estate industry. Next year, the goal is to successfully complete and acquire real estate pre-licensing. During this time, Onyn will be working with local real estate firms, brokers, and stagers to make the first appearance in the real estate field.

Rebecca Sherer

Rebecca Sherer has been dancing for an impressive 14 years, having started at the age of three. She joined EBA as a level 4 in 2016, marking eight years of dedicated training with our academy. Rebecca’s involvement with EBC productions predates her time at EBA; she has participated in various EBC performances, including multiple appearances as a baby mouse in the Nutcracker.

Rebecca has also embraced numerous roles, such as participating in the pre-professional program, dancing with the company, and performing with EBY for eight years along with one year in competition. One of her personal highlights includes performing “The Firebird” in collaboration with the Eugene Symphony and the cherished moments of bonding backstage with her peers.

Rebecca will be graduating from Teach Northwest (Virtual Charter High School) with both her high school diploma and an associate’s degree. She plans to attend Texas Christian University (TCU) as a neuroscience major and hopes to pursue a PhD in the future.

Lilliana Sugai

Lilliana Sugai has danced at EBA for 8 ½ years, making it her second home. Throughout her time here, she has been an integral part of the EBY competition team and EBY performing. This year, Lilliana was thrilled to join the Pre-Professional Program, which allowed her to take classes with the company and participate in additional performances and collaborations, including “The Firebird” with the Eugene Symphony.

The friendships she has forged with classmates and teachers are incredibly special to her, with taking classes alongside her best friends being a top highlight. Other memorable experiences include performing in the EBY and EBC Nutcracker and other EBC productions, as well as competing with her team at various competitions. The shares that the bonds built on stage and in the studio are unmatched.

Lilliana has also enjoyed mentoring younger dancers and assisting in classes, which has inspired her desire to become a dance teacher while continuing to dance. She is graduating from Baker Early College with both her high school diploma and associate’s degree and will attend Texas Christian University to double major in Ballet and Elementary Education. Lilliana is forever grateful for the lessons in hard work, discipline, sacrifice, and friendship that EBA has imparted.

We wish our seniors all the best as they embark on their next adventures. To learn more about academy training and how you can be part of our dance community, please visit our website.

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