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Academy FAQs

What level should I enroll my dancer in?

Please refer to our Level Guide Chart.

Please reach out to EBA’s Admin team to discuss placement options. A placement class will be required for any new Professional or General Division students. Placement classes cost $20.00.

Do you have requirements for each level?

Professional Division Level 2 through 6(x) have requirements. All requirements must be met at EBA. Please see our Policy Handbook for more information.

Do we have to enroll in all required classes for my dancer’s level?

Yes. With our new policies and curriculum, we require dancers to be enrolled in all required classes. These classes for each level are stated in our Policy Handbook. No exceptions will be allowed unless there is a medical or injury situation.

What if my dancer trains at another studio?

As long as level requirements are being met, there is no problem with your dancer training at another studio.

Does my dancer have to take ballet to attend other EBA classes such as Jazz, Tumbling, etc.?

No! Our General Division is open to dancers who do not want a rigorous ballet structure. There are ballet classes in the General Division if you want some ballet!

What does “In-Person/Live Streamed” mean?

This means that the class has both in-person and online options for enrollment. While classes are being held in-person, they are simultaneously live streamed via Zoom to our online participants. Our studios are equipped with webcams and 75” monitors so the instructors can treat the online students as if they are physically present in the class.

Do you offer drop-in classes?

We understand that the current policy does not allow for drop-in classes; however, we are in the process of updating software options. Please check back in the summer of 2023 for potential changes. We do offer one trial/drop-in class for $20.

Occasionally, we have Master Classes (classes with highly qualified teachers who are not faculty with EBA) which price depends on the teacher, length, and level.

My dancer is 8 years old and has never taken Ballet before. Is it too late to start?

It is never too late to start! We have Ballet Foundation classes for beginning students ages 8-14. These are introductory classes for dancers with little to no experience who are interested in taking ballet classes.

Can we try out a class before we enroll?

Yes, if you are unsure about enrolling in a class, we offer one trial class for $20. Reach out to the Admin team and we can set you up!

If my dancer is enrolled, is their spot guaranteed for the next season?

Your dancer’s enrollment will roll over to each term in a season. If you want to unenroll, after a term, you will need to opt-out by a certain date. However, you will need to enroll your dancer at the beginning of each season, such as Fall and Summer. This information may be different during the pandemic.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes, we do have a dress code which is laid out in our Policy Handbook. For all your Dress Code needs, you can head to our Discount Dance page.

Where can I purchase my dancer’s dress code?

You can purchase items on our dress code through Discount Dance. Click “Find Your Teacher” under the “Teachers” tab and enter our studio ID: 124679. You will be able to find the specific dress code by selecting the level of your dancer.

How do I make a bun?

Here are a couple of helpful videos!

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

Do you have any Eugene Ballet apparel?

We do! Check out our ONLINE BOUTIQUE.

Can I drop my dancer off in their dress code and shoes?

We recommend your dancer wear a cover up or warm-ups over their dress code and come in street shoes. Dance shoes should never be worn outside.

Does my dancer have to wear pink tights/shoes?

Our dress code requires either pink or skin-toned tights and shoes for our dancers.

Are there specific requirements for male and female dancers?

We have specific requirements for each dance style and level, and your dancer may choose between the listed options based on their comfort and preference. Please let us know fi you have any questions or if we can support your dancer in any way.

I danced when I was younger, but have not taken classes for many years. Where do I start?

Depending on your experience and how long you have taken off from dance, we will help you figure out which Adult class will be the best fit for you. Beginning Ballet is a great place to start when returning to dance!

What do I wear for class?

You can wear any athletic clothing that you feel comfortable moving in and does not restrict your movement. This can be items such as leggings, work out pants, tank tops, t-shirts, or leotards. For footwear, canvas and leather ballet slippers can be purchased from Dancer’s Closet located on Olive and 6th, or from any online dance retailer.

I am an adult and have never taken dance classes before. Is it too late to start?

We believe it is never too late to start! We offer Adult Ballet Foundations to Adults with little to no experience.

Are Adult Division classes offered only in-person?

No! We offer all of our Adult Division classes in-person and via Zoom. We have fantastic cameras and microphones in each of our studios to ensure Zoom participants receive great instruction. Log in to your Studio Director account to get the Zoom link. It is under “Upcoming Classes” and will be in red text.

Can Adults do a trial class before committing to the term?

Yes, if you do not know about a class, we offer one trial class for $20. Please reach out and we can set it up for you!

How much are your classes?

Our tuition rates can be found on our Registration and Tuition page on our website.

Are we able to pay tuition with school funds such as Fossil, Teach NW, ACE, etc.?

Yes! Families with Fossil, Teach NW, ACE, etc. can use their funds to pay for their child’s tuition.

What payment methods do you accept?

The most simple and common payment method is by a credit card linked to your account. We also accept checks, cash, and school funds.

Are there other fees beyond tuition?

Aside from tuition, we charge an annual registration fee of $50 for new families and $30 for returning families, that is due once a year on the anniversary of your registration. There will be event/performance fees applied if your dancer is participating in performances. Those fees will be detailed out at the time when participation information is distributed.

Do you offer any scholarships?

We have a limited amount of scholarship funds available each year. If you want to apply for a scholarship, contact us at [email protected].

Can I pay monthly or do I have to pay by term?

Information about payments and accounts can be found in our Policies.

What performing opportunities are there for the students?

Our students have the opportunity to perform in our annual Spring Show in early June! In most years, there are opportunities for certain levels to participate in The Nutcracker and other Eugene Ballet Company shows. We also have our performing company, Eugene Ballet Youth (EBY). EBY provides additional outreach performance opportunities for our dancers.

How much does it cost to participate in Spring Show and Nutcracker?

Our show fees range, depending on your dancer’s level. Our fees generally cover theater rental and labor costs, costume rental and maintenance, and administrative costs for rehearsal and backstage management. Additional costs may include undergarments such as nude leotard and tights, photos and video (optional), tickets, and hair/makeup supplies. In 2019, our fees ranged between $35-$85. These prices are subject to change.

Do we get to keep their costume(s) from the Spring Show or the Nutcracker?

We are lucky to have a very large collection of costumes (several thousand) that have been purchased and made over the years. Our show fees cover a team of seamstresses to customize costumes for each show’s theme and to properly fit your dancer. Costumes are them cleaned, mended, and stored in our costume warehouse until their next use. For the Nutcracker, dancers are fit into the elaborate costumes owned by the Eugene Ballet Company, by the same seamstress that dresses the professional dancers!

Where does my dancer check in for class?

Children’s Division

  • Please escort your dancer to the check in station on the second floor, no more than 10 minutes prior to class start time.

Upper Division

  • Dancers may enter and exit without a parent or guardian. Please walk up the stairs to the second-floor, through the academy double doors and check yourself in using the iPad at the reception desk. Only proceed into the studio once directed by the instructor. Dancers are not allowed on the third floor without faculty or parent volunteer supervision.


  • Please walk up the stairs to the second-floor and through the academy double doors. Check yourself in using the iPad at the reception desk.

Where do I pick my dancer up after their class?

  • Children’s Division
    • Please return to the second floor lobby for pick up.
  • Upper Division and Adults
    • Dancers may enter and exit without a parent or guardian. As we are located in downtown Eugene and the area directly outside of our doors is available for public use, we ask that you take the following precautions to keep everyone safe-
      • Always wear warm-ups or street clothes over your dance attire when exiting the building.
      • Dancers waiting for a ride to pick them up, please wait INSIDE the first floor lobby until you see your ride.
      • Dancers driving themselves or using an alternate mode of independent transportation, please be aware of your surroundings when exiting the building. If you feel unsafe for any reason, please return to the second floor lobby so we can assist you.
      • Be aware of the alley way that exits to the west of our doors. Cars coming through may not be aware of foot traffic on the sidewalk.

Can I wait in the lobby while my dancer is in class?


We are excited to welcome patrons into our new lobby at this time. Masks are required for everyone in our building over the age of two. This applies to dancers in and out of class, any guests entering our lobby, and all staff. The only a time a mask should be removed is when drinking or eating in common areas of the building, while maintaining social distance.

Please be aware that we do not allow observation during classes. This helps keep all dancers focused on their lesson and minimizes distractions.

Do you offer private lessons? How much do they cost?

Many of our instructors teach private lessons, and the price will vary depending on the instructor. If you are interested in scheduling private lessons, reach out to us and we will put you in contact with an instructor.

Can I observe my dancers' class?

Observation is only permitted during Parent Observation week, which takes place one week each term. Observers can be distracting and stressful for the dancers during class. This information may be different during the pandemic.

What do I do if my dancer has to miss a class?

Information about absences and make ups can be found in our Policies. If your dancer has to miss a class, you can notify us by filling out our absence form. They can be scheduled for a make up class either in their same level or the level below by filling out our make up form.

I am interested in volunteering. How do I get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering, let us know by filling out the volunteer form. You will be contacted shortly after your form is received.

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