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The Sleeping Beauty

Friday, November 4, 2022 | 7:30 pm
Saturday, November 5, 2022 | 2:00 pm
Sunday, November 6, 2022 | 2:00 pm
Silva Concert Hall | Hult Center

Toni Pimble’s The Sleeping Beauty is the ethereal tale of true love’s first kiss brought to the stage with the power and stamina of classical ballet. Grand sets, intricate costumes, Tchaikovsky’s powerful score, and a cast of beloved characters make this one of the greatest ballets of all time.

“It is definitely a big, grand ballet in all senses of the word. There’s a lot of eye candy. It’s very lush. But at the same time, it’s a fairy tale, so in that respect, it is definitely family friendly. ” -Toni Pimble



The King and Queen are celebrating the birth of their only child, Aurora. Catalabutte, secretary to the King, oversees the grand christening of the baby. The King has invited the fairies of the kingdom to bestow their gifts of Tenderness, Vivacity, Generosity, Eloquence, and Courage on the long awaited child. As the event begins, Catalabutte checks his list of fairies invited to the christening one more time.

The fairies arrive and the festivities begin. Just as the Lilac Fairy is about to bestow her gift upon the precious child, Catalabutte realizes that he has forgotten to invite the fairy Carabosse. At this moment, Carabosse and her pages arrive at the palace. Carabosse is enraged at the insult of her omission from the fairy guest list. Carabosse announces her curse that Aurora will one day prick her finger and die. As the furious Carabosse and her pages storm from the palace, the Lilac Fairy steps forward. She declares that Aurora will prick her finger, but she will not die. Instead, she will fall into a deep sleep from which she will be awoken after 100 years by the kiss of a prince.


Sixteen years have passed and all fears over Carabosse’s curse have been forgotten. Celebrations for Aurora’s sixteenth birthday are under way. The palace gardens are decorated and the celebrations begin with a Garland Dance by the guests. Aurora receives three suitors who honor her with gifts of roses.

During the festivities an old woman appears and offers Aurora a bunch of roses. Hidden in the roses is a spindle. Aurora playfully tosses the roses to her suitors until the spindle is revealed. She pricks her finger on the spindle. The court is concerned, but Aurora dismisses their fears. Catalabutte takes the spindle to the King and Queen and reminds them of Carabosse’s curse. As Aurora begins to dance she grows faint, and as she falls, one of the suitors catches her and gently lays her on the ground.

The King and Queen are distraught as the Lilac Fairy returns to fulfill her promise. Aurora is carried inside the palace where she and the court will sleep for 100 years. The Lilac Fairy draws the forest over the castle to protect all within until a prince will come to wake Aurora and the court from their long slumber.


One hundred years later, Prince Désiré is hunting with some companions. There, in the forest, he sees a vision of the most beautiful woman he has ever imagined—it is Aurora. Prince Désiré dances with Aurora and falls instantly in love. When the vision disappears Désiré pleads with the Lilac Fairy to take him to Aurora. Prince Désiré and the Lilac Fairy sail across a lake to the castle hidden deep in the forest.



Prince Désiré arrives at the castle where he must first do battle with Carabosse, who lurks in the shadows of the castle, determined to thwart the Lilac Fairy. With the Lilac Fairy’s aid, the Prince overcomes Carabosse and approaches Princess Aurora. He kisses her and she awakens, breaking the spell under which the court has slept for 100 years. As the King and Queen awaken, the Prince declares his love for the Princess.


The palace has been prepared for the wedding of the royal couple. Guests arrive for the celebrations. Among the guests are fairytale characters the Bluebird and Princess Florine, and Puss-in-Boots and the White Cat. Everyone joins in the dance celebration. Prince Désiré and Princess Aurora dance at their wedding. The celebrations end with Prince Désiré and Princess Aurora being crowned by the King and Queen as they receive the blessings of the Lilac Fairy.

2022 Casting


Princess Aurora: (Fri, Sun) Danielle Tolmie, (Sat) Sarah Kosterman

Prince Désiré: (Fri, Sun) Mark Tucker, (Sat) Reed Souther

Lilac Fairy: (Fri, Sun) Sarah Kosterman, (Sat) Danielle Tolmie

Fairy Carabosse: Jennifer Martin

King Floristan: Michael Syman-Degler

Queen Beatrice: Sara Lombardi

Catalabutte: Sterling Manka

Lilac Fairy Attendant: (Fri, Sun) Reed Souther, (Sat) Mark Tucker

Fairy of Tenderness: Sara Stockwell

Cavalier to Fairy of Tenderness: Dave Naquin

Fairy of Vivacity: Hayley Tavonatti

Cavalier to Fairy of Vivacity: Antonio Lopez

Fairy of Generosity: Erin Johnson

Cavalier to Fairy of Generosity: Sam Neale

Fairy of Eloquence: Nina Nicotera

Cavalier to Fairy of Eloquence: Joshua Downard

Fairy of Courage: Jade McAnally

Cavalier to Fairy of Courage: Ethan Boresow

Bluebird and Princess Florine: (Fri, Sun) Reed Souther and Hayley Tavonatti, (Sat) Joshua Downard and Jade McAnally

The White Cat and Puss-in-Boots: Sara Stockwell and Dave Naquin

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