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April 8, 2023 | 7:30pm
April 9, 2023 | 2:00pm
Silva Concert Hall | Hult Center


Join Eugene Ballet for an incredible showcase of guest choreographers in BOLD. Experience a world premiere and daring contemporary pieces as new voices light up the Silva Concert Hall.

You won’t want to miss this courageous performance as you journey Beyond Our Love of Dance.


Triptych by Val Caniparoli

“Photographer Lalage Snow created a powerful series of Triptychs titled We Are Not The Dead, depicting the faces of British servicemen before, during, and after their deployment to Afghanistan. The images highlight not only the physical transformations but the emotional ones as well.”

Penumbra by Suzanne Haag

“This pas de deux is designed for the audience to fill in the dark spaces and shadows of the relationship of the two dancers with their own perspectives and experiences. Are they sisters, mother/daughter, two friends, is it romantic, is one the outward, social presentation of the other? Are they the same person or two different people? This is up to you to determine.”

F O I L by Eva Stone

“The title, F O I L , speaks to the societal challenges and persistent presence of female artists everywhere. This work employs the music of five female composers and pays homage to them through visceral movement design. The structure of this work is designed to replicate the rooms of a house in which each space is announced… F O I L is an opportunity to peer into the sacred rooms of our humanity.”

Choros by Nicolo Fonte 

“Choros” means dance in the Greek language. This word occurs in the names of numerous Greek dances, which may be literally translated as “dance of…” or “dance from…”, but “sometimes you just have to dance” was what I had been thinking of when I started to conceive of this work. (It was in fact the working title for the ballet). The simple, most basic fact is that dancers need to perform like birds need to fly. “Choros” — a showcase for dancer’s athleticism and exuberance yet in service to reach the height of your souls and touch the depth of your hearts.”

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