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Eugene Ballet Company has become one of the largest touring companies in the western United States. Since its founding in 1978, the Company has visited more than 100 cities in 32 states—from Washington, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Alaska, to Florida, Pennsylvania and New York. Visiting an average of five western states and performing The Nutcracker more than 25 times each season, EBC has built its reputation by performing high-quality shows in some of the smallest theaters across the U.S. In 2015 the Company presents 30 performances of The Nutcracker in 16 cities in four states—in less than six weeks!

Although much of our touring is limited to the U.S., EBC has performed a diverse range of ballet productions in countries around the globe. In the summer of 1995, EBC toured India and the Middle East. Sponsored by the United States Information Agency (USIA), this tour spanned a month and took the Company to India, Jordan, Tunisia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. EBC performed Toni Pimble’s original works, including Columba Aspexit and Children of the Raven, and provided educational outreach to people of many cultures. Beginning in Colombo, Sri Lanka, EBC traveled through and performed in culturally, religiously and historically rich cities including Bombay, India, New Delhi, India, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Damascus, Syria, Amman, Jordan and Tunis, Tunisia.

Two programs, each headlined by Children of the Raven (Pimble’s work based on the legends of the Pacific Northwest Coast Indians), along with a variety of demonstrations and educational services, were presented in a variety of venues during the USIA tour. EBC performed on stages: a 7,500-seat Roman amphitheater on the Mediterranean in Tunisia, a theater located in a Hindu temple in Calcutta, India, and a 12th century fortress in Aleppo, Syria (where equipment had to be loaded in by two donkeys!). Other ballet works presented on the USIA tour included Pimble’s Two’s Company, the pas de deux from Common Ground, Tango for Five and Lynda Martha’s Sticks of It.

The USIA tour marked the third time the EBC has performed abroad. In 1989, EBC toured Giselle in Taiwan, the first undertaking by a northwest arts organization. This tour included two sold-out performances at the 2,500-seat National Theatre in Taipei, one of the world’s finest new theaters, as well as performances in six other cities in the Republic of China.

Our educational programs are central to the mission of EBC as we share the wonder of the ballet with thousands of students each season at Eugene Ballet Academy and on tour. Children of the Raven, The Swing Kings and Pulcinella have been part of our outreach/residency programs that have included two month-long “Dance On Tour” residencies in New Mexico and Arizona sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts/Art Works.

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